About | UPLUS Consultants Company Limited

UPLUS Consultants Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2010 by partnership of professional engineer and architect to provide Engineering and architectural design and consultancy services.

Since established, UPLUS has successfully delivered several project, both domestic and international, in which our services are well regarded by all our clients.

UPLUS determines to keep high work standard, great reputation while continuing improvement on our services and capabilities. Strong technical knowledge, technology and quality are the core competencies that our team provides in every project.

UPLUS is honored to severe the consultancy services for the construction industry in various expertise areas, and hope to become a part of your journey to success.


Jiratha Porntarasiri

Managing Director

Paiboon Tonsirianusorn

Executive Director/Founder

Thanapat Somwang

Architect Director/Founder

Sureerut Kumjeen

General Manage